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VIBE believes that meditation can transform the culture & productivity of your company.

The Samadhi-Body Meditative Experience (@ Work)

Samadhi-Body is a 45min meditative experience guiding your group through a journey of energy clearing techniques, energy healing, meditation and healing sound to soothe & strengthen mind+body+spirit.

More than a meditation: 

With its energy clearing techniques it guides participants in identifying their own energy blocks & improves the body's energy. 


Paired with a soothing soundtrack of 432Hz and 528Hz healing frequencies through silent disco headphones, the experience facilitates the ability to drop into a deeper meditative state.

Even if your group has never meditated before the guided nature of this class makes it perfect for all levels!


  • releases stuck energy

  • deepens your meditation practice

  • naturally manage stress & anxiety

  • make healthier life decisions

  • maintain a sense of balance & wellbeing

  • improves positive mindset

  • assists in mindful communication

Samadhi-Body can be scaled for any size group

We offer 2 options for your company's meditation needs. 




Your employees come to us

At VIBE we can host up to 16ppl

Your employees receive the Samadhi-Body experience in our beautiful meditation studio based in Sausalito.


We come to you!

VIBE visits your company or off-site, meets 1:1 with executives and leads group sessions, in order to integrate meditation into your culture.


Thanks for submitting! We'll get in touch soon.

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