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SAUSALITO-Reiki w/ Rosie DeLaCruz : book now!

ROSS- Reiki w/Jennifer Brinn : book now!
SAUSALITO- Reiki/Wellness Coaching w/ Catherine Goodman : book now!

ROSS- Reiki w/Jennifer Brinn : book now!
SAUSALITO- Reiki w/ Rachel Ross : book now!

ROSS- Reiki w/Jennifer Brinn : book now!
SAUSALITO- Reiki w/ Michelle Turner : book via email!
                        - Massage w/Vivé Curran : book via email!

ROSS- Reiki/Reflexology w/ Marisa Gregory : book now!
SAUSALITO- Reiki w/Jennifer Brinn : book now!
                       -  Reiki w/Rosalyn Acosta : book now!

ROSS- Reiki w/Dana Welch : book via email
SAUSALITO- Reiki w/ Michelle Turner : book via email!
                       - Massage w/Vivé Curran : book via email!

ROSS- Reiki w/ Rosie DeLaCruz : book now!
SAUSALITO- 1:1 Soundhealing/Reiki w/Nicola Buffa : book via email!


Book with one of our practitioners

Jennifer Brinn, Reiki healing in Marin County, CA

jennifer brinn


Jennifer Brinn is founder of Unalome, Reiki & Wellness. She is a trauma-informed Reiki healer, teacher & soul coach whose work draws from holistic disciplines of energy healing, somatic experiencing and positive psychology to help you regulate stress responses and improve coping strategies so you may lead a more fulfilled life.

Jennifer offers integrative 1:1 sessions, life mastery programs & is Unalome's director of Reiki Training.

Jennifer sees clients in Ross & Sausalito on Tues, Weds, Thurs & Fri

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Vivé Curran, massage therapy in Sausalito, CA

vivé curran


Vivé has been devoted to studying and practicing massage therapy since 2003.


Her specialties include Deep Bodywork, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Esalen, & Traditional Thai Massage. 

Vivé’s massage sessions weave together ancient wisdom, intuition, and bodywork, She creates a sacred heart centered space, welcoming in divine healing energy to support well being on all levels. Her flowing bodywork style encourages relaxation while also aiming to help relieve painful conditions.


Vivé offers herbal Thai massage (practiced on the earth) and integrative bodywork (practiced on a massage table). She is happy to discuss your needs and create a unique healing session for you.

Vivé sees clients in Sausalito on Thursdays

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Rosalyn Acosta, Reiki healing and Reiki for kids in Sausalito, CA

rosalyn acosta


Rosalyn has obtained levels 1 and 2 Reiki certification with William Rand and level 3 with Jennifer Brinn


Additionally, she is a certified teacher of the It’s Yoga Kids® Warrior 1 Foundations format and Niroga Institute’s Dynamic Mindfulness Training.

Rosalyn Acosta offers reiki, crystal reiki, crystal readings, shamanic energy healing, parent-child mindfulness workshops, and corporate mindfulness & meditation services. 

Rosalyn sees clients in Sausalito on Fridays

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michelle turner


Michelle is a reiki practitioner who has studied with Jennifer Brinn

Her soul is lit up practicing yoga, Reiki and spending time outdoors. She is equally at home in the mountains as she in the waves. 

She believes that the natural world holds power, drawing us in, lifting us up and making us feel alive.

She believes that Reiki can also hold a similar powerful energy. It can help balance that beautiful life force that runs through each of us. 

This is why Michelle became a Reiki practitioner, as the spiritual world, much like the natural world have always felt like home to her.


She offers Reiki to both adults and children. 

Michelle sees clients in Sausalito on Thursdays.

learn more & book:


Rachel Ross, Reiki and yoga in Sausalito, CA

rachel ross


Rachel is a Reiki energy healer, an intuitive, and a yoga teacher. She grew up utilizing her intuition and channeling abilities while living close to nature, resonating with the ocean and trees. She creates a safe and welcoming space for all.


Her journey led her to the sacred lands of India, where she immersed herself in the profound realms of Dharma studies, Tibetan Buddhism, and practical avenues for elevating consciousness.


Rachel practices Reiki as a means for her clients to release the tensions and anxieties of life, quiet their minds, connect with their hearts, center themselves and address physical and emotional pain. She meets you right where you are with care and compassion. Her aim is to facilitate a journey toward balance, allowing individuals to rediscover the divine essence within their human forms—a truth she believes unites us all. 


She is grateful to her teachers and mentors, Jennifer Brinn and Mia Runanin.

Rachel sees clients in Sausalito on Wednesdays

Learn more & book with Rachel at:

Rosie DeLaCruz, Reiki healing in Marin County, CA

rosie de la cruz


Rosie is a Master Reiki Practitioner. Her journey into holistic healing began in the traditions of her Mexican heritage. She discovered the profound influence of positive life force energy early on, realizing its potential for both personal and collective healing.


Traveling across the globe, She's deepened her connection with self and recognized the intricate web of connections among all living beings.


Embracing roles as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, student, teacher, and friend, she brings a rich tapestry of human experience to each session.


"Reiki isn't just a practice—it's my way of life, offering transformative healing that has enriched every aspect of my being. I'm eager to extend this nurturing energy to others, guiding them on their journey toward a balanced and vibrant existence."

Rosie sees clients in Ross & Sausalito on Sundays & Mondays.

learn more & book with Rosie:

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dana welch


Dana is a Reiki Master Teacher trained and certified by Jennifer Brinn. Dana also graduated with a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® from the Academy of Intuition Medicine®.

Developing her intuitive gifts, Dana works with people and animals using a modern shamanistic approach to practice as a spiritual coach and intuitive healer.


Working in the field of energy medicine, she assists clients in healing their mind, body and spirit, to feel whole and live their best life. 

Dana sees clients in Ross on Saturdays & remotely.

learn more & book with Dana. email:


nicola buffa


Nicola is a California Healing Artist , MFA

Her therapeutic offerings explore the intersection of Art and Psychology, with the esoteric healing arts of sound, energy, and mind body medicine.  


Inspired by the profound effects of complimentary medicines on her own fibromyalgia, she began her healing arts business as Source Field Sound, using energy and frequency medicine to bring upliftment and harmony to her clients, and promote the exploration of human consciousness as an evolutionary journey. 

Nicola believes that with gentle adjustments of sound and energy and through thought alchemy, we can return ourselves to our true state of being; creative & joyful.


She offers 1:1 Reiki, BioField Tuning, Hypnosis, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Readings, Bespoke Reiki Attunements, and monthly SoundBath Journeys 


Nicola sees clients in Sausalito on Sundays 

learn more & book with Nicola: email:


catherine goodman


Catherine is a Reiki healer and wellness coach.


She was first introduced to Reiki in her effort
to incorporate alternative healing into her personal wellness routine following a cancer
diagnosis in 2017. She refers to Reiki as her saving grace for providing a comforting place of calm, serenity and self-healing during a challenging time of illness, uncertainty and pain.


Catherine became a Reiki practitioner trained and certified by Jennifer Brinn. Through
Reiki and wellness coaching, Catherine wishes to provide a healing safe haven for others
battling illness or disease.

"In my world today, I am blessed each morning with a high vibrational energy and immense
clarity about why I am alive and what my greater purpose in life is moving forward: to shine light on the path of others in attaining peace, tranquility, balance and harmony for life-long health and wellness success. This is my soul’s essence and it brings me much joy.”

Catherine sees clients in Sausalito on Tuesdays.

learn more & book with Catherine:

Marisa Gregory.JPG

marisa gregory


Marisa’s passion for holistic healing originally sprung from her Hawaiian roots, where she developed a deep connection with nature and the magic of still presence. She has been studying holistic health for over 20 years with emphasis on yoga, herbal studies, reflexology, reiki and various forms of energetic healing. 


Marisa is experienced in working with adults, children, people with varying (dis)abilities, and animals. Currently, she offers personalized reiki and reflexology sessions in Marin County and enjoys bringing her practice to community events throughout the Bay Area, as well as virtual sessions.

Marisa sees clients in Ross on Fridays.

learn more & book with Marisa:

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