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class-workshop submissions

At Reiki of Marin we strive to offer classes & workshops

that lead an expansion of consciousness, create spiritual connection,

broaden intellect, and lift individual & collective vibration 

so we may all realize and

integrate the capacity of our human potential.

If you're a teacher who has a great class or workshop aligned with this intention,

please submit it below after reading our Submission Guidelines:


At VIBE we consider proposals year-round. Unfortunately we cannot accept them all, we aspire to follow up with each individual to inform them of their status.


If we would like to further explore your proposal and possibly schedule it, we will contact you.

VIBE acts as a host for your class/workshop and does not offer space rentals at this time.

Class time: Your class/workshop should be at least 30min and max of 8hrs

Sound Levels: Out of respect to our neighbors, sound levels must be low to conversational, therefore we cannot accommodate sound healing, performance, chanting, rigorous breathwork or any other type of offerings with increased noise decibels.

Class size: Our space can accommodate 16-20ppl for seated classroom style meditation / 22ppl for seated lecture. Please note our space is not conducive for yoga, dance or any other type of movement class.

Submit your proposal 

Thanks for submitting! We'll bein touch soon!

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