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Samadhi-Body Meditative Experience

What is Samadhi-Body?

Samadhi-Body is a 45min meditative experience guiding you through a journey of energy clearing techniques, energy healing, meditation and healing sound to soothe & strengthen your mind+body+spirit.


When the mind+body+spirit are fully aligned you feel more physically relaxed and lighter through your daily life. Your face and expression show less signs of stress. Issues like sleep, digestion and immune function improve. You begin to make healthier life decisions from a increased sense of wellbeing. 


More than a meditation: Samadhi-Body offers more than meditation. With its energy clearing techniques it guides you in identifying your own energy blocks & improves your body's energy. A trained Reiki healer circulates through the class offering individual energy healings to help quiet your mind. All paired with a soothing soundtrack of 432Hz and 528Hz healing frequencies, your mind becomes better able to drop into a deeper meditative state.

Even if you've never meditated before the guided nature of this class makes it perfect for all levels!

This experience helps you:

  • release stuck energy

  • deepen your meditation practice

  • naturally manage stress & anxiety

  • make healthier life decisions

  • maintain a sense of balance & wellbeing


Date: Friday mornings

Time: 10am-10:45am

Location: VIBE: Reiki & Meditation Center, 300 Valley Street, Suite 202, Sausalito, CA

Cost: $20




VIBE believes that meditation can transform the culture & productivity of your company.

Samadhi-Body can be scaled for any size group. 

We offer custom packages for your company's meditation needs. 

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